Welcome to Havoc Lacrosse

Havoc is a lacrosse program in Northern Colorado (more specifically Fort Collins and surrounding areas) for girls of all ages! Beginning in 2002, the Havoc program has only gotten bigger and better.  The name "Havoc" was voted on by the original members of the program.  Currently, our logo represents a tornado ... something you might see before havoc is "wreaked."   

Havoc Lacrosse comprises girls from 1st-8th grades.  We have girls of all levels participating, from first time players with little to no stick skills or field experience, to those that play year round through clinics, camps, and other private teams. 

Our team philosophy is "Love Each Other, Work Hard, Play Hard."

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Pay for the U11 Summer Tournament Team Here

Havoc/Viper Summer Camps: June 22-26 and July 20-24. Click here for more information.